Defeating Racism……In America…

  • Black or African descent: 150 million.
  • Asian / Island / Pacific descent: 100 million
  • Latino / Hispanic descent: 150 million
  • Indian / Arab descent: 100 million
  • Political landscaped would definitely change.
  • Social landscape would change.
  • Deeper / physical and social interactions between races & cultures would occur.
  • Possible clashes with the newly immigrated and naturalized citizens could occur by hate groups.

Deeper / social and physical interactions between races & cultures

  • Students and the families of students are granted first choice.
  • People seeking asylum from persecution-(asylum seekers) from a country, or their country of origin. Or.
  • People and or families seeking a better life.
  • Gifted and talented individuals and or their families.
  • Apply for citizenship and receive a temporary / fast-track / citizenship card-(which allows you to even vote after being in the country for two years).
  • You are required to state on your application-(while it’s being processed) if you are a felon. Or convicted felon of rape, robbery, kidnapping, spying, murder, drug dealing, extortion or extremist group that preaches, participates or propagates any forms of racial / hatred, violence, terrorism, etc…
  • You are required to answer honestly and correctly if you are apart of any terrorist group, organization, etc., responsible for terrorist’s attacks in the past. Or any impending attacks that you and or a group to which you are pledged, affiliated with, connected to, etc., against America — or its allies.
  • You are required to be located to a predetermined area / region-(state) while processing is being conducted. And that you and or members of your family must remain in that “Area or region” for a period of no less than 5 years while being processed. You are also required to inform the Immigration Service of any changing in your status-(arrests, change of address, employment, etc.,).
  1. Political and politics would become more leaner, fairer.
  2. This would increase the chances of both women and minorities winning more congressional seats.
  3. An increase in Minorities running for, and becoming elected to — -the highest office in the land-(the presidency / vice presidency).
  4. Would laws would be written and passed to combat poverty.
  5. More laws would be written and passed to aid the poor, homeless and minorities.
  6. The wealthy would pay a higher tax.
  7. Defense spending would be cut in half probably.
  8. New factories erected and massive public works projects passed to support infrastructural enhancement and expansion. Not to mention, gainful employment for million upon millions of American support.



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