Making capitalism work

Although two different types of businessmen, they both shared the same trait…Greed…
Outsourcing is hurting our economy, which in turn — hurts capitalism…And the Capitalists as well…If the worker who is the consumer makes less — they spend less…Which means less profit for the capitalists…
Advertising is not the solution…It’s part of the problem…
The ultimate game of “supply and demand”…There’s a new demand that needs to be supplied…And that’s jobs…….Americans want them, now someone needs to supply them…
  1. Manufacturing and assembly jobs — automotive, containers, computers, heavy machinery and equipment, furniture, home appliances, cell phones, etc..
  2. Shipping-global-(air and sea).
  3. Ship building
  4. Ship (sea and air) registrations-(lower taxes to sometimes no tax if registered in some foreign countries).
  5. Technology- robotics, automation systems, etc..
  6. Research and development-biomedical, scientific, mathematics, physics, etc..
  7. Production-pharmacological, seafood, glass, metals, wood, etc..
  8. Banking, banking services and other financial institutions-(services).
  1. Exploits cheaper labor, US and other / foreign tax laws, land, etc..
  2. Generates greater profit margins by exploiting cheaper labor-(labor akin to slave labor and or indentured servitude).
  3. Shifts production and manufacturing operations out of the US / overseas; reducing US workers — while increasing foreign workers.
  4. Further reduces America's ability to lead or become sustainable and or competitive in production and manufacturing. While increasing foreign production and manufacturing capabilities that will soon outstrip the US.
  5. Making Americans more and more dependent of foreign manufacturing akin to how we are now dependent deeply on foreign oil.




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Lamar Mickens

Lamar Mickens

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