sHoOt FiRsT!!!….aSk QuEsTiOnS LaTeR…

So, do YOU think Americans have the right to defend themselves? At home, and in public?
Seems like everyone’s up in arms over guns….Even the kids too….I think?

Isn’t the criminal in any way culpable here?

Here’s who YOU really have to fear in our modern society today….

Hate groups. gangs, common thieves and organized crime and domestic terrorists — are the reasons we need guns to protect ourselves.... At home and in public….

Personal protection

  • Public protection
  • Home protection
  • Extended protection


Personal protection

Self defense classes, knives, guns, taser / stun guns, pepper spray, whistle, air horn, etc., there are many was you can “personally protect yourself” while out in public; or even at the workplace.

Home Protection

Let me help you to better understand a criminal….They’re criminals…To them a “law” is just a piece of paper that they’re not going to pay attention to in the first place…

Home protection: Against home invasion

Anything and everything they can get…..Tvs. jewelry, electronics, clothes — and especially, guns!! For themselves and to also sell on the streets to those so-called criminals you thought your tighter background legislation check would keep out!…Guess again!

Politics…The Gun hype….

Let’s talk about home invasions…

Rapes in home invasions

Rapes on the streets, in abandoned structures, parked cars, alleyways, bathroom stall, etc., are horrifying experiences…

Here are some real photos of people who tried it….

Only these homeowners had guns and things did not turn out well for these would be criminals…

And here are some more real photos of people who tried it too….

But unfortunately, these families did not have guns or maybe did not believe in guns in the home:

The result — not so good for them…