Wanted: The rich, wealthy and super wealthy.…..

I am going to build one of the largest financial resources pools of finance in the world…

And I am going to need a lot of the wealthy and super wealthy to do!

Quick question: How much are YOU worth? Do YOU want to be worth more? Sure YOU do…Who doesn't? Wealth is healthy and greed is good!!!…If, observed in moderation….

There is a way..

So here’s what I am proposing…There is strength in numbers…The more you have the more you get. I am thinking of two numbers. The first is $1.5 trillion-(yes, I said trillion) dollars-(USD).

The second number is 85: Eighty-five percent-(85%) that is.

Now, I need the second number in order to get to the first number. And here’s how I plan to do it.

I want to form a venture capital group. Not one of, but the Largest on the Planet! Staffed with high skilled professionals-(lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, project managers, analysts, brokers/ finance, real-estate / mergers and acquisitions, etc.,), that can manage day to day operations of financing, contracts, project planing and development, logistics, — and more…

But first, I need a an individual or group of investors to serve as limited / core partners — to fund the startup group. This partner, or partners will have to come up with $1 billion dollars-(USD).

The second step is to contact every wealthy person across the globe. Investors, bankers, brokers, lawyers and venture capitalists, wealth families, cattle rancher, tech people, real estate brokers, facilitators, scientists, engineers— I don’t care….If your’e wealthy, I want to talk to you!

I am looking for people with money who are interested in making not just money…But more money!…Greed is welcomed!!!

My goal is to attract wealthy and super wealthy that have at least $1.5 million dollars that they are willing to loan at an 85% percent / flat rate between 60 to 360 months-(5 to 30 years).

There’s is however, one stipulation: There is a 6 month grace period before repayment begins. The goal is to get 1 million people, businesses, companies, organizations or even corporations (foreign governments too, if applicable) to lend money to the resource pool.

The minimum lending amount is $1.5 million-(USD) per individual group, entity, etc.. There is no maximum limit that any one person, group, entity, etc., can lend — because the goal is to get to $1.5 trillion dollars!

Here are some combative examples of that lending

  1. 500 lenders loaning $3 billion dollars-(USD) each.
  2. 1,500 lenders loaning $1 billion dollars-(USD) each.
  3. 5,000 lenders loaning $300 million-(USD) each.
  4. 10,000 lenders loaning $150 million dollars-(USD) each.
  5. 500,000 lenders loaning $3 million dollars-(USD) each.
  6. 100,000 lenders loaning $15 million dollars-(USD) each.
  7. 1,000,000 lenders loaning $1.5 million dollars-(USD) each.

You get the picture…

Here’s what I want to do with that money:

  1. Organize and form the corporate headquarters of this venture capital group called The Consortium Network-(TCN).
  2. Use the money to fund a series of small, medium, large, commercial, industrial and mega-projects globally.
  3. Fund projects that are low, medium and extremely high risk projects, ventures, etc..
  4. Use the projects and ventures-(including all assets) funded as collateral for obtaining existing and or new loans as needed.
  5. Recruit an army of banks, hedge funds,venture capital groups, insurance companies, etc., on the back end to serve as underwriters as time goes on.

These are next generation-(next gen) cutting edge projects and products I am proposing in my opinion, will be world changers.

Changing the world in the forefront of living, commercialization, industrialization and production on a global scale.

As with the evolution of telephones,cars, computers and cellphones — the rapid growth of technology literally changed how we lived, worked and played — virtually overnight.

As rapid as digital technology changed analog technology — so will these ventures and projects that I am proposing.

The reward

But be warned, many of these ventures are extremely high risk — (hence the reward as equally so) which is why I am willing to pay such an absorbent interest rate.

I feel that this move now puts lending back into the hands of people and businesses who lend money out for lending and or investment purposes — (by the lenders) with the expectation of these loans returning huge, not small profits…..Over a period of 5, 10, 20 or 30 years.

There will be in some cases, a margin of greater debt to collateral ratio; this is expected to pass both over time and as products and or services that we provide as a result of developments become available to consumers and commercial / industrial clients alike. As the result of our actions in the business marketplace-(sales, leases or services).

Part of that greater debt will be due in part to the higher interest rates I am promising (and I will) to pay lenders. However, if that rate on loan — were lower; then the ratio to collateral / debt would be lower. But also the profit for the lender.

for example, if I were borrowing $1 million dollars at 22% percent. My debt to lender would be lower if because I now owe my lender $220 k, in interest — plus the $1 million I borrowed. Meaning I owe $1.2 million total.

However, since I am paying a higher rate — borrowing that same $1 million dollars creates a flat rate interest of $850 k.

I now owe $1.850 million to the lender as opposed to the lesser / conventional interest rate (at a flat / 22% percent) which would only equal $1.2 million dollars borrowed under conventional rates.

The interest I am proposing to pay would virtually transform $1 million dollars-(USD) into almost $2 million-(USD)…due to my willingness to pay a higher / fixed/ flat / rate…

Meaning, I am willing to pay 3.86 times the current rate on a loan that is $630k dollars higher than a standard / conventional loan. And that folks, is true capitalism! Getting more “bang” for your buck.

Types of proposed projects to be funded:

  1. The Consortium Network-(TCN) the administrative and operational arm in which all projects and ventures are created, administered, monitored and ultimately financed. Anticipated budget cost: $2 billion dollars-(USD).
  2. Strategic Planning Initiative-(SPI) is a proposed $400 billion dollar / USD/ next generation (next gen) shipyard that will design, test, manufacture and assemble next generation-(next gen) of commercial and industrial / surface and sub-surface / sea vessels-(Global Max Vessels), Fixed / Mobile Structures (FMS) and Larger Than Floating Vessels-(LTFV’s). The plan is to replace more than 2,000 of the more than 50,000-(roughly 4% percent) sea vessels within the international merchant shipping infrastructure with these new / higher capacity vessels, Fixed and Mobile structures and Larger Than Floating Vessels-(LTFV’s).
  3. Financing, planning and production of several prototypes of Global Max Vessels-(GMV’s), Fixed and Mobile Structures-(FMS’s) and Larger Than Floating Vessels-(LTFV’s) estimated budget: $60 billion dollars-(USD).
  4. Center Neptune is a surface / subsurface Aquatic base (LTFV) that can hold some 100,000 persons. The project will house surface and subsurface equipment and machinery for mining, rescue, salvage, surface and underwater research — subsidized by recreation, entertainment and procurement. The budget for Center Neptune is to be around $300 billion dollars-(USD).
  5. Casino World-base in Kansas City, Missouri-Casino World is a proposed $30 billion dollar entertainment mecca. Gambling, movie theaters, boxing, roller rinks, bowling, indoor / outdoor football, baseball, soccer, tennis, Ice hockey, etc…
  6. The Perpetual Bank-(name will change) $80 billion dollar banking and investment bank to include customer deposits, high interest loans for unusually high risk ventures-globally. The goal is to create a new competitive bank and investment bank for the global market.
  7. Mega Titan Industries-making the next generation of large construction, demolition and mining machinery and equipment. Such as Mega Dump Trucks-(MDT’s) that can haul 2,000 tons of material as opposed to today’s trucks that are only capable of hauling 400-tons. Next gen / tunnel boring machines, surface and subsurface drillers, scrappers, extraction machines, etc.. MTI has anticipated budget of around $150 billion dollars-USD.
  8. MDI-Collision, servicing, engineering, repair, installation and fabrication-is a full service transportation service that will service, maintain, repair-light to heavy passenger, commercial and industrial cars, trucks, machinery and equipment-from cars to marine craft. Expected budget $2 billion dollars to create 10 service centers throughout the US.
  9. Epicenter Project-(fully futuristic / nearly 100 percent electric city) that will provide more than 100 city blocks of indoor / futuristic development space. Residential, hotel, office, retail, light industrial and or commercial space. Budget for Epicenter is anticipated to be around $300 billion dollars.
  10. Freedom Ship International-an indirectly affiliated / independent venture by the Freedom International group-(I believe is the organization’s name) that is proposing to build the first floating city at sea. I plan to fund them at $40 billion dollars with a percentage in the company.
  11. Sky Cruise project-$50 billion dollars to design and develop the next gen aviation ship. A vertical take off and landing vessel capable of holding some 2,000 to 5,000 passengers. A virtual floating / flying cruise ship that is fully equipped with pools, spas, shopping, adult and children’s entertainment; etc.. The first prototype ship will carry 2,000 passengers-eventually expanding to 5,000 passengers and beyond.
  12. TCN Asset Management Division-$2 billion dollars; managing TCN’s assets — starting with the balance of funding remaining $4 billion dollars-(USD) from the guesstimated $1.5 trillion dollars-(USD) raised in commercial and industrial loans. Asset Management would also be responsible for managing mergers and acquisitions, future financing, investments, leverage buyouts, liquidations, sales, rental / leasing, intellectual properties-(patents, copyrights, licensing, etc.,)
  13. The BIG Market-is a proposed international shopping market-(not mall) equipped with indoor streets with electric taxis that shuttle patrons throughout the 4.5 million square foot shopping market. Both Covered and surface parking for around 50,000 cars. Full inventory storage shipping warehouse. Interactive website and online shopping that includes next day / week delivery. Projected cost: $80 billion dollars-(USD).

Now before you think this is some kind of prank; think again.

Remember these guys? I call them the Eight Wise men…..

They were the ones running around between 2006 and 2007 hedging against the subprime housing market and telling people that the US / subprime market would collapse…And guess what? They were right! (The BIG Short). Imagine if all of those investors had listened?

Or better yet, if investors then had listened, believe them and then asked them to invest their money somewhere else? Bet they would still have it! But they didn’t! And they lost!

In 2008–09 the markets fell to the tune of more than $40 trillion dollars-(USD)….And that’s was only in America….We still don’t know the total fallout globally-(probably in the hundreds of trillions of dollars). And we may never know. But I do know — if it happened twice —(stock market collapse in 1929 and in 2008–09)it will happen again.

But what I do know is this….Eight wise men made a financial killing on the 25008–09 crash.. Just a little over $8 billion dollars for themselves and their investors! With the lion’s share going to the investors of course! And rightly so….

So, now, here I am, an ordinary guy in 2018 telling you to “put you money into lending”…

There are no more CDOSs’, CDS’s, to buy and sell — no more fast money…So now its back to plain old regulated / loans, mergers and acquisitions, stocks and bonds…. And gone are the BIG paydays! Parties and spending other people’s money like drunken sailors….

Here’s a little fun fact:

Did you know that we have had more than 20 stock market crashes and Bear markets since the United States was formed up until today? Yeah, just check out this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stock_market_crashes_and_bear_markets

The funny thing about the stock market and bearish markets — is that no one ever really checks the history on something…No if the markets keeps crashing and or goes bearish that many times throughout history — wouldn’t you think that people would just stop playing the market?

The answer: No!!!

Because like any thrill-seeking / dangerous sport— it’s addictive…For the movers and shakers-(investors) and that goes doubly for the players — bankers and brokers….the thrill of making billions of dollars in seconds, minutes, hours or days — is pure High-speed adrenaline….

Now, to the wealthy…Here’s my advice to you: Lend your money to “guys like me” that are going to “buy things and build” something with it…

Stop investing and giving it to people and firms to invest (play the stock market)…Where it will simply (in my opinion) be lost again sooner or later-(more than likely sooner)….To greedy / short sided investment products and schemes…

To brokers, wealth managers, accountants, lawyers, venture capitalists…Lend: Stop looking for new and exotic products and find creative ways to lend-not loose money!

It’s funny how you guys — -and gals too, all work from the same playbook!! Well, Johnny’s playing the stock market — -so I guess I will too….And if Johnny jumped off a bridge — are you going to do it too?….

Well, that's literally what your doing when you’re playing the stock market! More akin to high-stakes gambling; with both yours and your clients money!! And eventually — there are no winners!!!…

To professionals — such as doctors, judges, scientists, retirees, lawyers, engineers, artists, celebrities, businesses owners, organizations — looking for something different, better and less risky than a volatile, unstable and or an uncertain market — away for the mainstream…I offer you the same invitation….Lend to me!….Stop playing the “stop” market-(stock).

“Lending money” has always been the “backbone” of capitalism and economic growth…Don’t you think it’s about time we returned to “lending money” to make more money instead of throwing money away on trading for a while? Looks what it’s costs us? And it can happen again….

If you are a professional banker, broker or manager and was working for ANY firm or organization and you lost YOUR money or YOUR clients moneyWhy not bounce back by lending it?…Payday loans seem to be doing okay….Now just lend on a “mega-scale” instead of micro and macro…

Now, before you laugh at what I am proposing, think about the money you lost-either YOURS and or YOUR clients!….And more importantly, how YOU lost it? And how people really feel about brokers and agents even after a decade after the meltdown?….

Loosing trillions of dollars…Someone is to blame….Oh yeah, an entire financial system nationwide…And don’t blame greed either!…

If you are an investor and YOU lost money during the 2008–09 meltdown because YOUR money was being managed by a so-called professional or experienced firm — what does that say about that trader/ broker or firm watching YOUR money?

How come only these eight people saw — what an entire financial industry that was supposed to be monitoring and controlling the financial industry didn’t see?

And if those people are still managing your money — what does that say about them to the investment world? And more importantly, about you?

To investors, lenders, brokers and bankers alike:

I get it…You all feel trapped in one form or another…From the Wall Street side of traders, bankers, agents, etc., all you’ve ever known is trading — stocks, bonds, CD’s….I get it!!! So why not facilitate lending?

An from the investment side — investors venture capitalists, etc., all you’ve ever known is to buy and sell….So why not lend? Why not become your own lender?

Many of YOU already understand variable rate, amortization, etc., so lend YOUR money out…And for those who don’t, get that banker, accountant, broker and ask him or her about lending…Upsides and downsides…Far less riskier that playing the stock market in my opinion…Just say..

YOU, want to make money without the hassle of gambling…Without excessive risks…Or complex deals….Then try lending it!..Far less riskier and complex than those Wall Street complex / exotic products (derivatives) they’ve been pushing….See how those turned out-(subprime / toxic).

Finally, ask yourself a question:

How will these projects that I am proposing going to impact the global markets — if I get people to lend the monies I am seeking?

The answer:

Lend it to me and find out…..

I welcome your feedback.




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